Juniors Section

About our Juniors Section

Boys or “apprentices” have been admitted to Corstorphine Bowling Club since 1905, however the Juniors section was not established until 1986. Now both Boys and Girls under 18 are welcome to join the Juniors.  Find out more about our Juniors section in our About us pages, in particular our Club History pages.

More about our Juniors Section

For details of the Juniors section of Corstorphine Bowling Club checkout the information in the pages linked below:

Prospective Members

If you wish to try out the game of bowls then contact our Secretary to arrange a visit to the club.

For more information please contact us using an option on our Find us page or read the details on our Membership page.

Membership is currently open.

Bools for Skools’

In addition to our Juniors section at Corstorphine Bowling Club we also support a joint initiative with Carrick Knowe Bowling Club. It is called Bools for Skools’.

This initiative is designed to introduce the game of Lawn Bowls to Primary Schools in the Corstorphine area and hopefully interest pupils in joining a bowling club.

Download a flyer here for more information on Bools for Skools’ and contact us using an option on our Find us page.